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Your customer service strategy

Lately, every other entrepreneur is trying to make business more customer-centric knowing that it isn’t simply an expensive time-consuming responsibility but a strategic marketing investment.

Customer comes first”

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, invested in customer service by making his service people spend hours on the phone with the customer beyond just fulfilling their requirements and building a “wow connection” with them. The customer service people at Zappos were even rewarded for taking this special action for the customers. Well, it ended up creating a billion-dollar shoe store.

When FedEx started building their relationship with busy entrepreneurs who they would become the backbone of their customer base, they answered the phone on the first ring, every time.

When Tesla saw that Ford and General Motors were working to make their service better so as to increase the profits that their dealers would make on the service, it decided not to make any money on the service, using this as a key marketing message to their luxury audience. It’s cheaper than TV ads.

The point? - Strategies don’t always have to be expensive. It just needs to build good customer experience.

A b2b insurance agency spent two million dollars trying to rip out the voicemail service from their agency. They decide to answer every other call by humans which started getting paid for itself in 4 months. This is known as a strategic investment and not a cost-cutting shortcut. No tool or AI can ever compensate for the lack of a skilled workforce.

The thing about strategy is that you and your team can always work to improve them. If responding to a phone call in two rings is good, then answering in one ring is better. If some 10 salesperson is good, having more than 10 is profitable.

All that matters is the approach in your strategy that separates you from other businesses in the competitive environment. If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you are in for the bad move and it ain’t take you any forward. You can use your customer service as a growth strategy and can come up with something different than the accepted norm.

Do you have questions like - why consumers are not happy with your brand? First, answer this -

- How much effort are you investing in your customer service?

- Are you seeking customer feedback?

- Are you making real-time communication with them?

Consumers no more buy a product or service. They buy the idea that they want themselves to be a part of. So is your brand that idea? The happy customer helps the business to build credibility and bring in more profits.

You might treat your customer as a human flock who doesn’t have a choice, but in the long run, customers always have a choice. So the rule is simple - Want your consumers to like you? Get them the best customer service!





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