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User Experience & Customer Experience: What’s The Difference?

User Experience and Customer Experience - What possibly could be different?

The users are the customers and vice versa. Though they appear as one and the same thing they are not. So what’s the difference?

User experience relates to consumer’s interaction with a product, website or an app. It is computed in terms of desertion rate, frequency of error occurred and clicks to completion. Basically, if a website or technology is difficult to use or navigate, it has a poor user experience.

Customer Experience, on the other hand, concentrates more on the general experience of a customer with the company. We can compute this on feedback reports, recommendation rates or customer satisfaction.

The difference Explained!

Most of the designers just have a direct influence on the UX, but its high time to understand the larger context of CX. Both work closely together and one cannot exist without the other.

Good cop Bad cop!

Jerry Cao, the UX content strategist, wrote an article, Customer Experience vs. User Experience: Why the Difference Matters, illustrating how these terms are interdependent by simply bifurcating them as “Good” and “Bad” in turns.

Here’s a glimpse of what he has to say.

“ Bad UX & Good CX

First, let’s say you bought an app that edits pictures on your phone.

You bought it because you love programs like Photoshop, and you wanted such detailed features for your phone, especially one in particular. However, when you actually start using the app, you find the interface confusing and you can’t even find the feature you wanted. (UX)

Luckily, they have a helpline. You call, and a friendly customer service rep answers quickly and explains, step-by-step, how to access the feature you wanted. Everything seems clear now. In addition, they give you a $25 credit for your trouble. (CX)

This is a good example of a bad UX but a good CX. The app’s interface was confusing and poorly orchestrated which made using it a bad experience. However, your experience with the other aspects of the app’s brand — the customer service and the free credit — were great.

But it can work both ways. Our second example below is all too common.

Good UX & Bad CX

You want to order airline tickets. You think it’s easier to download an airline’s app to browse and buy tickets. You’re right. Even though you’ve never used an airline app before, the self-explanatory interface, clear navigation, and fast loading time allow you to find and book the perfect flight in under 10 minutes. (UX)

Once you get to the airport, though, it’s a totally different story. The check-in booth is understaffed and the line in unnecessarily long. The attendant is abrasive, and you don’t like the way the staff throws your checked baggage around. On the flight itself, the service isn’t much better. (CX)”

Some notable differences

  • CX is related to marketing whereas UX relates to a variety of background such as technical, design etc.

  • Customer Experience mainly focuses on encouraging credibility through advertising, enhancing services for the customers and creating a stronger brand. User Experience concentrates on usability as a means of getting the best of customer experience.

  • UX is limited to an app or a website whereas CX is a much bigger umbrella where all the channels of the brand fall under it.

  • Customer Experience is related to getting opinions from a larger group of people as in what they think about a product or the service but UX is limited to a smaller group of people as in designers as it talks about digital products.

Closing Thoughts

Whether we use the term “customer experience” or “ user experience”, the point to understand is, experience comes in multiple levels and not just interaction level. Hence it is important to optimize each level to bring the best of the experience for the consumer. And while it’s important to design experience it’s equally important to design components. If people don’t understand your website, they won’t become your customer in the first place.

Share with us your thoughts on designing high quality of UX and CX down in the comment section.


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