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Top 5 UI/UX trends to look up in 2020

Your business success depends upon how quickly and efficiently your application responds. No matter how many web or mobile application your business comes up promising to solve the problem the only ones that stay in and makes a mark are the ones with the best user experience and interface.

The only constant is change!

May be design is the change everyone is looking for but ensuring an optimized user experience remains at the core of any design. Long story short, it’s important to stay updated with trends and happenings especially when the market is flooded with competitors trying to prove themselves.

Cross-device synchronization

It’s a multiverse in the digital sense where we can’t settle for just one device- smartphones, smartwatches, smart televisions, smart speakers, laptops, computers- everything has to be smart for us!

We need all these devices to do the variant task and yet synchronize to function with others. These devices consume all kinds of data which helps them to create synchronization and fill in the user demand. For example, if you are booking a cab from your smart speaker, you’ll obviously want it to show on your phone too, or like picking up a favorite show on your smart TV even if you left it last time on your phone.

The goal?

To make users capable of performing a single continuous task on different devices with little or no interruption but just better personalization.


Today everyone is aware of the fact that personal data is no more “personal”, especially when we are involved with such major tech ecosystems: Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. We all know how deep technology has infiltrated that every other minute just more data is consumed than ever before, be it medical records, location history, search history, your messages, calls- everything.

Thus as a UX designer, it’s important to respect user’s privacy and let them have control over the privacy setting. Let the users able to decide what data should be collected and what data should be used by the products. The users should be able to make changes in these settings as often as they want and even be able to get regular reminders to help them keep up with the current settings in mind.

Intelligent User Interface

IUI (Intelligence User Interface) is another trend to keep an eye on in 2020. It is the summation of User Experience (UX) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) aided by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It boosts usability, enhances flexibility, and interaction.

AI identifies user patterns and preferences and makes relatable changes to the UI. These changes multiply and provide a personalized interface to the end-user. This improves the interaction between the user and application interface thus integrating technology helping companies to understand their customers better just like Google Assitance, Amazon, and Alexa.

Augmented Reality User Interface

Many businesses especially the e-commerce companies are going ‘Phygital’ for their products to enable better customer experience. AR provides better interaction with the existing environment by creating superimposition, haptic vision, and a 3D view at the digital interface.

5G will completely revolutionize the way we design and better mobile quality will allow designers to be more creative. Today the application interference is going beyond on-screen. The UX and UI designers are working to make the virtual environment influenced by physical interference emphasizing real-world interactions.

Virtual Reality User Interface

Virtual Reality is slightly different from Augmented Reality. AR adds a digital product to the physical environment using a smartphone or a tablet. Pokemon Go is the most famous application of AR. On the other hand, VR completely cuts off the user from the physical environment and enables a user to experience a multi-projected visual environment including sounds, images, and other artificial sensations.

Virtual reality will be a game-changer in 2020 for UI and UX designers. It provides a simulated experience of a real or completely different world using devices like Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and Htc Vive. Today, the VR user-interface is leveraged in the space training programs, Aviation Industries, and Defences.

Bottom line

Hey designers, brace yourself! Many more trends will make 2020 more exciting and progressive. Staying in sync with the trends will ameliorate your product and services and fulfill the requirement of the end-users. So are you ready?

If you wanna know more about UX/UI design or just wanna have a talk about it, connect with us.

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