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The Surprise and Delight Campaign!

The consumers are accustomed to marketing histrionics and its ever-evolving tactics, now demanding a more personalized experience from their favorite brands. Even though businesses are advancing in technology, the key marketing principle remains the same - to provide memorable experiences to customers that help businesses stand apart from their competitors.

One particular strategy that is trending followed around to create such an unforgettable experience is surprise and delight marketing. It cuts through the digital noise resulting in very happy customers who perceive the brand in the positive light. According to the Harvard Business Review, surprise and delight marketing is the most powerful tool because it is addictive. Hence most of the brands are adapting to this strategy to their advantage and receiving enormous successful outcomes.

‘If you get a present for your birthday, that’s nice. But you’ll like it a lot more if you get a present and it’s not your birthday.’

-Dr. Gregory Berns, an American Neuroeconomist.

Surprise and delight campaigns can include anything from receiving a special privilege for being a long-time customer, being given a special offer or discount on birthdays or festivals, or simply creating special moments for existing or prospective consumers. Personalizing the surprise makes more of a difference to the customer, like a handwritten note or a handwritten apology or a personalized email.

In an article named ‘The power of surprise and delight: A case study’ written by the team of Gary Vaynerchuk explains how he wanted to brighten his customer’s day without asking for anything in return. He was already finding new ways to add value to his text messaging community and ‘Surprise and Delight’ seemed a perfect way of treating customers and increasing community engagement.

In order, he posted a tweet asking florist to mail him…

Though a ton of emails flooded, their plan was to concentrate on just a few big cities in the US like Boston, Miami, Nashville, and some cities in New York and New Jersey. Once the deal was made, Gary sent a text message to everyone on his community from the above places along with a link of a form to fill out their addresses. The team selected 248 people at random who filled the form and then sent their names to the florist in the respective cities with a personal note from Gary.

All 248 received the mail the very next day!

The team shares that receiving back their reaction and reading their genuine “surprise and delight” experiences was fun. The case study ends with the personal view of Gary saying, “the best marketing strategy is to care! In this digital age, it’s easy to “yell” when something goes wrong, but also easy - and probably more compelling - to shout when something goes incredibly well.”

Truly the words of wisdom Gary!

Have you encountered any “surprise and delight” moment? Share it with us!


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