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Graphic Design Trends for 2020.

It’s a few months past 2020, and we just can’t wait to know which design trends will rule the graphic world in the coming year. The past few years of design have been influenced by bold colors, mind-bending gradients, and futuristic compositions, but 2020 feels more reserved, placid, congenial, and natural.

The reason for the shift is probably because of the overuse of some of the previous graphic design trends. Designs of 2020 are reinventing some of the aesthetic movement of the past with a retro influence to create a colorful vision for the digital future.

So let’s stay ahead of the curve and check out some of these Graphic Design Trends for 2020 and beyond.

Type-only Fever

To be more creative and innovative with modern compositions, designers are exploring all the levels of typography. Finally, brands are braving typographic design over photography and more business will adopt this in 2020.

Type-only is an extremely effective technique with variable fonts, helping brands to successfully deliver their message in a simple and stronger way. It makes brand talk straight and to the point.

Katie Larosa, Graphic Designer at Grady Britton says, “In 2020, I predict we’ll see more bold, decorative typography that pushes conventional boundaries, and some ‘bad’ design done on purpose.”

Artistic typography decorated with geometric shapes, flowers, and creative elements, along with maxi typography will nail the attention of the viewers. In fact, typography is expected to go so large that the words bleed off the line or off the page that designers have to split them into multiple lines and pages.

Best of both!- Maximalist and Minimalist

The world may call it “maximalist” and “minimalist”, we’ll call it one of the favorite trends of the next year. Maximalist, as defined by Wikipedia, “is a reaction against minimalism- an esthetic of excess and redundancy.”

It is combined with bold colors, exuberant letterforms, textures, layers, repetition, detailed intricate, serif fonts, 3D distortion, and even ornamentation. Obviously with very little white space. A good example is ‘Nike by You’ with an idea of empowering consumers to design, discover, and celebrate their individuality.

On the other hand, minimalism is stripping off all the excess, concentrating on tiny typographic gradients. The latest ad campaign by ‘Dropbox’ featuring the message, “The world needs your creative energy,” is another example of how brands are changing their theme to minimalism.

Motions and Meanings.

Motion brings each scene in real-time out of the elements of the current frame creating a magical and dynamic transition. This trend of 2020 is beneficial for the brands that want to take their consumers on a journey of their ever-morphing world.

Motions with an intent include geometrical and sculptural 3D forms in pastel, colorful materials, illustrative character-driven narratives, idiosyncratic typographical animations, and creative computational work in both 2D and 3D. Today brands are shifting to more meaningful motion that adds value to it. The role of sound design will play a crucial role in brand acknowledgment and brand awareness.

Kinetic Typography and Fonts

Typography is adaptive and comes in many forms as designers are on a continuous search of practical and productive uses of kinetic typography and fonts. This could be explained much better with ‘Uber Move’. The revamped their brand using a Sans-Serif typeface conveying their brand message through moving posters.

According to Dave Gee, co-founder of Jam_, this trend will continue in 2020. “We’re seeing much more from big brands using moving typography as the main graphic element in creative across the web and social,” he says.

Disruptive Designs

Though 2019 has been a year of cold, soothing, and banal designs, next year is in for total disruption. Disruption in graphical designs are attention seekers and quite intentionally stops you in your tracks. It’s sagging of the calm, restricted color palettes, sophisticated yet elegant fonts, and a neon space. The complexion and tones carry rebellious, protest like repetitive messages, mostly black but contrasting with the background shades.

As the author Leyla Acaroglu, states in her article, ‘What is Disruptive Design?’-

Art can exist without function whereas design can’t, so when we talk about Disruptive Design, we are talking about creating intentionally disruptive creative interventions that are functionally imbued with the objective of challenging the status quo and making positive change.

In a brief context, disruptive designs are just not about making change, its more about winning customers, clicks and clients.

Phygital Designs

The best way to sell an experience is to create an experience. We have been hearing it for a while but 2020 is sure to prevail in the design world by augmented reality. With the ever-advancing tools and development of phones and camera technology, creating designs with AR will earn brand engagement and increase sales.

Creative designers strongly believe that digital can’t exist in isolation. They have to be merged with reality providing a seamless and intelligent experience. Designing such experience is the formula of engaging people to become a part of your story-making.

Gender-neutral designs, Real faces and caused based branding

Designs in 2020 will be more human-focused in the way they portray the brand so that the consumers feel a more personal touch. Mostly fashion and beauty sectors are focusing on using real faces instead of makeover models to connect with its audience

Changing attitudes over gender and sexuality is having a big impact as well. Gone are the days when pink meant women and blue defined men. Designers are following equity-focused marketing as a social message that everyone is equal and important. In September of 2019, the Barbie manufacturer declared that it would be releasing the first gender-neutral doll to accommodate shifting gender norms.

"How brands behave and position themselves in this environment will raise questions with consumers that could have a lasting impact on sales and profitability.”

- Lee Hoody, the Creative Partner at Conran Design Group.

Sustainable Designs and packaging

Nations are trying their best to reduce the use of plastic and so are the brands. More brands are trying to make their contribution to creative and innovative approaches such as using recyclable packaging and ethically sourced materials. The type of ink used, the finishes provided to products, and the materials used by production teams are all focused on sustainability.

Coming design approaches will be eco-centric impacting global issues spilling our way into our creative mind and design thinking.

I-Generation focused branding

I-Generation or Generation Alpha, the children of Millennials born from 2010 to 2050 is considered to be the most technologically infused generation until now. They interact with tech more naturally and instinctively than any other generation. Branding experts are focusing on this generation as this generation will be solely born in the 21st century.

66% of the iGeneration wants to buy from companies that are trying to do good in the world. Though not a major purchaser right now, they influence the purchase behavior of their millennial parents making brands already work on iGeneration based designs. Brands need to prepare for their future consumers as this generation will be the most formally educated and expected to have definite views on ethics and brand loyalty

Making brand stories more believable

2020 will be experiencing some great pressure to make their brand story more believable and authentic. Because consumers know that believable brands just don’t say, they do! Don’t just promise, they produce! They don’t just list their values, they live by them.

Designers will need to use visual tricks of past using heavier rounder fonts, mixed larger and pronounced serif fonts, saturated colors, and designs. It’s essentially a requirement if you want to drive growth and create a loyal brand.

It’s just the beginning!

May be 2020 is a final chapter of a decade but the graphic design trends that will be taking over the year is just the beginning. In an age of political climate, unstable culture, and attention grabbers, the designs are turning unpredictable. The only thing predictable is anything is possible. So pull up your socks and tie your laces, it's gonna be an adventurous ride.

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