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5 Ways to Dominate Social Media Marketing in 2020

Though social media continues to penetrate the lives of people in both personal and professional sense, there’s also a growth of caution that businesses should be aware of. In an article, Americans Are Wary of the Role Social Media Sites Play in Delivering the News, by Pew Research Centre, explained that in 2018, social media took over the traditional news medium as a more popular news source, yet another study in 2019 by the same centre revealed that 62% of adults think social media has too much of control over the news preferences that users see.

Entering into 2020, social networks are preparing themselves for both effective involvements along with effective analysis for social media companies to quickly change the way they want their networks to function as a result. Like, recently twitter announced to cease the political advertisements and other networks like Instagram is experimenting to make ‘likes’ private in an effort to make it less of competitions, focus on connections and battle up the negative mental health problem.

These social media networks are publicly held companies and exist to expand their own business not yours. The efforts you put to built up your connections using their mediums can all go in vain overnight as they are the ones controlling their platform and how it is supposed to work.

So even if you succeed in gaining a considerable number of likes and followers or evolving as a celebrated influencer on the gram, you need to take control of putting your data in your hand instead of following up with the uncertain algorithms that these mediums may throw at you.

Albeit social media will continue to play a pivotal role for marketers, but to leave a mark means to adapt to this new era, here are 5 specific ways of how!


Maybe, a number of likes and followers have been key performance indicators for your business in the past but it’s no more a thing to carry in the future as these measures hold no more the same value especially when these metrics are failing to increase the sales. Rather than being entirely dependent on these platforms, they should be used to collect data such as phone numbers and email addresses for direct marketing and achieving quality leads.

You can direct your users visiting your social media channels to a landing page on your website and provide them with something of value in exchange for their contact information. Once you get this data, you already know you have earned a new potential customer and have an option to market to them through any means as such emails, facebook or SMS.


As a business owner in 2020, you should be looking for platforms for text marketing to connect directly with your customers. The social media pages act as a hook to get you in touch with your leads bypassing the general noise which helps you to personalize marketing to your audience and get rid of the social media fatigue.

But before you settle for this messaging tool, make sure it includes comprehensive analytics, automation features, contact management, customization, mobile keywords, message templates, drip campaigns and surveys, for example, SuperPhone or EZtexting.The mobile app should also work for iPhone and Android so you can manage text message campaigns successfully.


With so much noise already on social media, it’s hard to make people hear yours, the reason why social media marketing in 2020 should include links which let your visitors introduce to your other marketing methods and in a more personal way rather than addressing in general. For this, you can engage them in text marketing or create a private group using major social media platforms like WhatsApp and Slack.

You can identify your most engaged audience using a social listening platform like Sprinklr and focus on them by inviting them to join a private group on WhatsApp or Slack. This way you can clear the clutter and engage directly with the true followers through sharing them the up-trending news or asking their opinion on the new products and services you are planning to offer. This helps to understand what your customer is actually looking for and if your approach to them is working in the correct direction. These engaged followers can spread the word about your brand organically through traditional social media channels.


Instead of just promoting your brand on social media, its time to use these networks as more of search engines rather than just bullhorns. Twitter especially can be used as a real-time search engine where you can talk about your brand or industry or can directly get in connection with your direct leads.

You can set up your feeds according to your profession, for example, if a real estate agent can set up as “looking to buy a house” or “ moving to (some particular place)”. You can monitor the feed and see in real-time who’s looking for your services and then reach out to these potential clients.


To succeed on social media, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and understand the latest social media trends just as creating GIFs related to the brand and then adding them to GIPHY. It a low risk and high growth hack which doesn’t require any grandeur presence on social media as anyone can find GIFs through GIPHY and add to their own content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If your GIFs gets viral or some user who have quite a large social media presence on social media share your GIFs, your brand could end up growing its recognition. And if not you can always use them to make your content look more interesting.

Final Thoughts

As you plan your social media marketing for the coming years, you can use these 5 tips either individually or in a combination in the online strategy. No doubt social media is an ever-evolving process and every year the updated algorithms and trends decide our way of online interaction. But what remains constant to thrive in 2020 is - adapting to these new changes.

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