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2020 Web Design Trends: 5 Web Designs to Totally Hit it.

In an age of never-ending open tabs and push notifications, each competing for our attention, 2020 is more focused on web designs that will clear its use and purpose.

Ecommerce Design Trends

E-commerce is constantly growing with time and companies are making sure that they provide the online shoppers exactly what they are looking for in terms of UX and UI. The quicker it is, the easier it is for customers to operate the website and get hands over the things they really want. Thus with the changing pattern, top e-commerce websites are shifting their trend from just visual appeal to usability, speed, and simplicity.

Responsive Design Trends

Today we have arrived in a time where mobile web traffic had overtaken the traditional desktop traffic and by the end of 2019, 63% of all the mobile phone users will access the internet initially through their mobile phones. Hence it’s an important time to focus on responsive design trends and think from the mindset of the end-user.

The following web design trends can ensure a clear and uncluttered website, still being rich with content and visuals that help you stay up to date and in style.

Bold colors and Simplicity

Today, where most web designs have resorted to safe shades and shadows, deep colors are grabbing attention. It signifies the brand’s daring approach, forward-thinking, and eccentric personality.

Most consumers are carrying smartphones with the best of the technology which is capable of carrying bold and beautiful images and meet customer’s expectations. More device screens are adopting IPS technology i.e In-Plane Switching which makes the bold color stand out and exemplify the products.

Think of furniture and what comes next to your mind. For most 95% of people, its a chair. Why? Because of the prototypicality, the basic mental image in the brain is created to categorize everything you interact with.

Highly prototypical sites having layouts associated with common sites of their category are consistently rated more than their “visually complex” counterparts. Thus simplicity is one of the top web design trends, especially for e-commerce websites.

Broken Grid Layout

Broken grids or asymmetric grids are certainly not ‘the new guy around the corner’ but it certainly hasn’t been explored widely yet, the reason why this web design trend is one of the most significant ones.

Broken-grid structures are increasingly taking the personal website on the storm. Breaking the grid in web design gives designers an authority to be creative around and make their brand stand out. Not all that perfectly boxed homepages are wrong but 2020 is all about asymmetrical structure, unbalanced fun, and enthusiasm.

CSS Grids

Since now most of the users browse the web more through their mobile devices rather than on desktop, a smart CSS grid provides an amazing option to operate one site into multiple versions to fit the user’s screen size instead of opting mobile-only web design. From the aspect of the end-users, this web design trend is, in fact, the best responsive design trend.

The layout system permits the web owner to arrange the content into rows and columns that respond to the user’s screen size.

Voice Capable Interfaces.

Millions of devices are now introducing smart virtual assistants like Google Now, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri, more and more people are looking for voice-over text saving their energy and time by speaking directly into the device rather than typing the queries and requests manually.

This is where the webmasters can team up with the designers and take advantage, treating the audience to less effort browsing and leveraging a more engaging voice-powered model.

The device screens are anyway looking for ways to provide more space for the content and such a voice-powered model personalize content in a way that text might not.

Digital Brutalism

A website is to browse information, read, watch, listen, and even to interact with the user and introducing brutalism in the website is raw in it’s focused on content and prioritization of the website visitor.

Brutalism in the web design is about what a website is and what it isn’t. Before organic designs came into the picture, the grid layout with sharp edges ruled over the web design block. But true work of art meant to let the brand uncover its potential and drive in more sales.

Brutalism aims to inspire originality and blatant individuality to foster a sense of belonging among target audiences.

Hand Drawings and Letterings

2020 will definitely be more human, as brands are looking at ways to create better personalization. This can be achieved by the handwritten brush font and hand-drawn elements that can add a unique sense of character to website pages because of its colorful texture, imprecision, and eccentricity.

Hand drawn elements can engage and enchant and make you look real and genuine among billion of other websites. Particularly if the drawing is on the rough side, common people i.e the non-artist will relate it better. In the years to come, consumers would crave for handcrafted designs from designers as it will speak more to them.

Scalable Vector Graphics- Mobile-First Designs

Today the technology is focusing on going handier, bringing digital screens at the user’s fingertip. People access the internet from different devices having different screen sizes meaning scalability is most important in web design. Another reason is websites rich with multimedia can suffer slower page loads.

Vector images are possible to scale according to the size of the screen without losing the quality. SVGs are not pixels, the reason for its scalability factor. Its the reign of mobile, and users are accessing the websites more through their mobile phones rather than the desktops. And using SVGs ensures consistent quality performance for all mobile visitors creating a better user experience.

As technology advances, no doubt more designs will come up with unique and creative features that will continue dominating the top web design trends in 2020 and beyond.

We are extensively using these new trends in our numerous projects, to learn more about our web and services, drop in a mail today.

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