Chapter 01 —

Every great design begins with an even better story.


A romantic date with your partner in a restaurant, or a romantic cooking experience. What would you choose?
Confused, well, what’s stopping you from getting both?

This is one of the contributing factors which led the daily kit to introduce this concept. Daily kit provides prefabricated Restaurant grade recipe kit containing a precise amount of required ingredients. It includes the recipe of the dish along with the method and ingredients so that it’s easy for you to recreate an experience to remember. We are gratified to daily kit for giving us an opportunity for handling the design aspect and introducing this wonderful concept to the market.


Chapter 02 —

Typeface & Colour Guide



ExtraLight   Italic   Light    Light italic    Regular   Italic   Semibold   Semibold Italic   Bold   Bold Italic   Black   Black Italic


ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUVWXYZ, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, 01234656789


Chapter 03 —

A website for a resolutely extravagant brand


We chose colors which were vibrant enough to represent the beauty of different ingredients used in cooking ranging for meat to spices and everything in between.

Doesn’t the idea sound amazing where you set the tables for candle night dinner at your place, but to support the motion you will be able to serve the same level of restaurant-quality food cooked by you in your kitchen. She/he will surely be impressed with this move. Yes, you read it right, daily kit is your one-stop solution for creating such ambiance right at your place. A little help from daily kit and a little effort from your side will let you create a lot of wonderful memories.


The website is like a digital waiter which helps you in selecting a dish But the real fun begins right after you pick one of the dishes from the vast variety. They send you a Kit at your place which consists of ingredients measured and packed according to the requirement of the dish as well as proper instructions on how to cook it step by step. How’s that for ‘starters’?