Cloud Leak Protection

Vulneye Security Platform

Chapter 01 —

Vulneye Security Full-stack visibility


Vulneye provides end to end security solutions to keep your business safe and secure. With a team of skilled white hat hackers who are into top hackers list of Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Salesforce etc. penetrates into your applications/ network from a hacker’s perspective. Vulneye not only helps companies in finding vulnerabilities but also assists in fixing them. Vulneye is currently securing billions of online transactions/user data happening in Asia.


Chapter 02 —

Roboto & Colour Guide 



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Chapter 03 —

A website for
Better visibility!
Accelerated actions!

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Vulnaye had a great product that assured optimized time but needed a perfect website to deliver its mission statement.
We designed a common ground for the website that highlights the core aspects of the company and displayed its product development to the global audience through our designs.
We at kemosabe design paid impeccable focus to understand the wavelength of the Valnayess design direction. Our goal was to reflect Vulnaye's vision to its global audience through our design.